Get to the Root of Your Weed Problem

Get to the Root of Your Weed Problem

Hire Cajun Claws Lawn & Landscape to tame and manage your yard

Everyone knows that weeds are a problem, but not everyone knows how to properly manage their yard to prevent weed growth. Cajun Claws Lawn & Landscape will provide the weed control you need to keep your landscape lush and healthy.

A weed is defined as any plant that competes with your cultivated plants for sunlight, water, space and nutrients. If not dealt with immediately, weeds can wreak havoc on your yard, resulting in:

  • Reduced curb appeal
  • The death of your other plants
  • Increased allergic reactions

Don’t let weeds overrun your yard. Call 337-258-9685 now to schedule your weed control service.

How to maintain a weed-free yard

While Cajun Claws Lawn & Landscape will remove weeds from your yard, you can take action to keep them from returning. We recommend:

Spreading mulch around your plants
Planting flowers and shrubbery close together
Spraying herbicides on your lawn

When we visit your home, we’ll determine the best way to eliminate weeds and keep them from harming your landscape. Contact us today to find out which type of weed control will benefit your yard.