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When you choose Cajun Claws Lawn & Landscape, you get the best in lawn care in the Youngsville & Lafayette, LA, area. From our discounted rates and package plans to our comprehensive services, you won’t find a better lawn care company to address the needs of your lawn. Learn more about what we have to offer by reading below:

Lawn care:

From a simple mowing to more extensive weed-whacking and fertilizing, trust that the professionals at Cajun Claws can take care of the job. No more late nights or early mornings addressing your lawn’s issues – our lawn care company will do that for you.

You can also arrange for us to do weekly or bi-weekly scheduled maintenance. Let Cajun Claws Lawn & Landscaping take the burden off your shoulders, so you can have the lawn you want year-round.


Besides the occasional mow, not too many homeowners understand the value of keeping up a lawn – especially when it comes to landscaping it. It’s not something we’re all taught to appreciate, but when you see a well-landscaped lawn, you can tell the difference immediately.

Let your lawn be the one that your neighbors and friends look at and fall in love with. With Cajun Claws Lawn & Landscape, we can provide more detailed services that will make your lawn a standout.

Contact us today to find out how we can professionally landscape your lawn in Lafayette, LA.


Irrigation involves more than just watering your lawn. It’s a designed system to make sure every element of your lawn is properly taken care of. If you have a larger property, a great irrigation system becomes vital to the health of your lawn. Let the professionals at Cajun Claws take care of this for you.

With Cajun Claws Lawn & Landscape, you’ll get a beautiful lawn from a company that cares. For more information about our lawn services contact us today.

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