Give Your Home a Spotless Clean

Call our power washing pros to wash the grime off your home

Just like you need to wash your car regularly, you should also wash the outside of your home once or twice a year, depending on your siding material. Cajun Claws Lawn & Landscape provides exterior power washing services to take this chore off your hands. Regular power washing can help you:

  • Maintain your property value
  • Refresh the look of your home
  • Remove stains, mold, spider webs and dirt
  • Clean inaccessible areas of your vinyl siding

Your home will look brand-new once we’re done. Call 337-258-9685 now to schedule your service.

Leave power washing to the professionals

Leave power washing to the professionals

You shouldn’t hire just anyone to power wash your home. The pros at Cajun Claws Lawn & Landscape know how to clean your home safely and efficiently. An inexperienced operator might use too much water pressure, which can damage your siding. Our professionals know exactly how much pressure to use to make your home look spotless without harming its structure.

Contact us today to restore the appearance of your home.